Meeschaert Collection

Since its founding in 1935, one of Meeschaert’s areas of business has been to seek out value creators in the fields of finance, asset management and taxation. The Group has been working with contemporary creators for over ten years. By acquiring their works, to help them financially, Meeschaert enhances their visibility while offering its clients the possibility of diversifying their assets through “leisure” investments that add another dimension to their asset base.

It all started with the move into the offices at 12 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, then naturally expanded through the new sites in France, Brussels and New York.



All the new sites offered various well-lit exhibition spaces made from wood, glass and stone, making it possible to truly showcase the contemporary works. Since 2004, the Group, under Cédric Meeschaert, initiated a contemporary art collection that, as it grew over the years, has become the cornerstone of a true sponsorship policy.


The Meeschaert collection currently includes over 400 major original works and comprises mainly paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations. It includes creations from young and experienced artists alike, such as Alain Clément, Tom Christopher, François Morellet and performer-photographer Liu Bollin.

Today, these works are part of the daily life of our employees.


We invite you to come visit any of our offices in nine major cities in France, in Brussels and in New York and see these incredible works in person.