Pioneers and innovators since 1935

1935 Company founded by Emile Meeschaert
1965 Arrival of Luc Meeschaert, son of the founder
1983 Inception of the first-ever French ethical investment fund, Nouvelle Stratégie 50
1987 Sale of the Meeschaert-Rouselle stock broker business
1994 Founding of Fondation Alliances, now Fondation Meeschaert pour l’Enfance (2008)
1996 Creation of the asset engineering and tax engineering departments
2001 Arrival of Cédric Meeschaert, grandson of the founder and son of Luc Meeschaert
2003 Development of Meeschaert Family Office
2005 New governance structureLaunch of Meeschaert Conseil Immobilier
2012 External growth
2014 New image
2015 Creation of the first ISF management mandate invested in 15 unlisted SMEs
2016 The Meeschaert Group reaffirms its independence1st auction for the benefit of Hand in Hand for Haiti
2016 MAM Human Values: 1st French fund to obtain the LuxFLAG label
2016 Assessment of the carbon footprint and the contribution to the energy transition of SRI portfolios
2018 First social footprint of a portfolio
2019 Launch of
MAM Transition Durable
Actions et Obligations
2021 The Meeschaert group joins the LFPI Group

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