• 1935

    Company founded by Emile Meeschaert

    In a challenging economic climate, Emile Meeschaert decided to offer financial services to families in the Nord Department (France) in order to help them build up and manage their assets.

    Six years after the opening of "his small financial boutique" in Roubaix, the company became a financial institution/securities house.

  • 1965

    Arrival of Luc Meeschaert, son of the founder

    Luc Meeschaert joined the company in 1965. In 1969, the company was invited by the Syndic and the Ministry of Finance to join the Compagnie des Agents de Change.

    In 1972, he created an innovative prototype of a stock brokering company for individual clients. The Group expanded nationally and opened numerous branches in France.

  • 1983

    Inception of the first-ever French ethical investment fund, Nouvelle Stratégie 50

    In the 1980s, religious congregations expressed to us the importance of giving a sense of purpose to their investments. The Nouvelle Stratégie 50 fund is launched.

    The fund has received numerous awards over the past thirty years in recognition of its commitment to socially responsible investment – an area pioneered by Sister Nicole Reille and our company.

  • 1987

    Sale of the Meeschaert-Rouselle stock broker business

    With the disappearance of the physical trading floor, the Paris stock exchange has to adapt itself in order to keep up with the London stock exchange. These changes lead Meeschaert-Rousselle to sell the institutional portion of its activity to Compagnie du Midi. Meeschaert Rousselle continued to keep the accounts of those families who had put their trust in the company for over fifty years, and entered into a new growth phase.

  • 1994

    Founding of Fondation Alliances, now Fondation Meeschaert pour l’Enfance

    "Providing long-term support for private humanitarian initiatives", "Offering useful solutions" and "Giving to worthy causes" – those are the objectives that Fondation Alliances has sought to achieve from the very outset.

    The foundation provides financial support to associations that offer personalized and suitable solutions to physical, material and moral problems.


  • 1996

    Creation of the asset engineering and tax engineering departments

    Created in 1935, asset management is the Group's long-standing business line. Amidst constant changes to the wealth management, legal and tax environments, it is important to offer effective solutions to help our clients overcome the complex challenges they face. An asset engineering service is created, which now includes ten experts.

  • 2001

    Arrival of Cédric Meeschaert, grandson of the founder and son of Luc Meeschaert

    Cédric Meeschaert, grandson of the founder, shifts the Group's focus to high-end private banking in France and abroad.

    His efforts are in line with the company's strategy: to offer a more personalized approach to asset management, include client plans at the heart of the advice provided by our advisors and diversify the group's activities.

  • 2003

    Development of Meeschaert Family Office

    With a wealth of experience and expertise handed down from generation to generation, the Meeschaert family founded Meeschaert Family Office, a "multi-family office, in order to help families preserve family unity from generation to generation and ensure that the family's asset-related interests are maintained at each important step of the way.

  • 2005

    New governance structure

    The Group sets up a supervisory board and an executive board. A family-based body of shareholders and a stable management team are put in place to ensure objective and independent advice. The new organization offers greater stability to clients, employees and the family.

    Launch of Meeschaert Conseil Immobilier

    Since real estate assets make up a major portion of individual investors' overall assets, Meeschaert Group offers its clients additional expertise and a unique approach by facilitating real estate asset transactions, studying tax impacts, offering tailored real estate transactions, etc.

  • 2007

    US operations

    Meeschaert decided to expand internationally by launching operations in New York.

    The acquisition of a portion of US-based Solaris Group, which specializes in wealth management and institutional management, was a big step forward in terms of the Group's strategy.

    "The goal is to respond to the needs of our clients who leave the country from time to time or on a long-term basis. Just like in France, we maintain a very close relationship with our clients." Cédric Meeschaert

  • 2008

    Launch of Meeschaert Family Office in Brussels

    With its Nord Department origins and proximity to Belgium, Meeschaert naturally chose to open an office in Brussels in order to assist certain families already present on both sides of the border as well as other families wanting to settle there.

  • 2012

    External growth

    As part of its growth strategy, Meeschaert Group bought EFG Assurances, a brokerage firm specializing in life insurance solutions and partner of the major insurance companies in France and Luxembourg.

    Founding of Meeschaert Capital Partners

    Unlisted assets make up a high-performance asset class that is not correlated to the stock markets and that is underrepresented in investor portfolios. Meeschaert Group seizes these growth opportunities and creates the private equity business.

  • 2014

    5.7 billion euros in assets

    Meeschaert Group was founded in 1935. By end-June 2014, the Group was managing and monitoring 5.7 billion euros in assets.

    New image

    Meeschaert Group changes its logo. The Group's new logo is more contemporary, reflecting the Group's strategy and ability to anticipate and assist each of its clients in a changing environment.