Private Banking

Sales Assistant

The sales assistant is the representative of the private banking advisor. He is in charge of managing client files on a daily basis. His tasks include opening accounts, handling investment operations and carrying out transactions. He answers client questions and, if necessary, directs them to their advisor. The sales assistant manages the agendas and relations with clients, in compliance with Meeschaert Group procedures.


Investment Advisor

The investment advisor oversees and manages the securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) of its clients in coordination with the private banking advisor. The investment advisor makes sure that a client’s portfolio corresponds to that client’s investment profile. He provides personalized monitoring and executes orders after discussing with the client.

The investment advisor selects exterior funds based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.


Private Banking Advisor

The private banking advisor works with clients to help them build up and consolidate their wealth. He constantly ensures that the solutions implemented with respect to each client’s profile are adequate and that the regulations are being complied with.

The private banking advisor serves as a coordinator and ensures comprehensive monitoring of each client’s wealth and finances, in coordination, if necessary, with the financial, legal and tax experts of Meeschaert Group.


Real Estate Advisor

The real estate advisor works with the clients of Meeschaert Group to optimize their real estate assets. He can thus assist them in the sale of an asset or in the choice of an investment by presenting assets to them that correspond to their objectives. The real estate advisor can also propose specific programs (tax exemption, bare ownership, etc.) carefully selected from among the offers available on the market.


Wealth Engineer

The wealth engineer manages and monitors the wealth of private banking clients. He assists the private banking advisors in detecting and resolving the tax, wealth and financial problems of their clients and prospects. At Meeschaert Gestion Privée, the wealth engineer works with clients over the long term to assist them with all tax-related formalities.


Head of Structured Products

The head of structured products is in charge of monitoring structured product campaigns and making sure they run smoothly. Working in collaboration with various departments, the head of structured products regularly proposes new products that meet the needs of clients and that take advantage of the potential of the financial markets.

He promotes the development of products, monitors existing products and analyses the results in order to be able to propose new investment vehicles.