Family Office

Financial Expert

The financial expert researches and selects investment vehicles and partner companies that will be proposed as part of calls for bids by referring to the specific requests of clients. He manages calls for bids, gathers responses and summarizes them before presenting them to clients. The financial expert makes recommendations in line with the client’s asset allocation, and then implements the proposed solutions and negotiates the costs of the services provided.



Wealth Engineer

The wealth engineer manages and monitors the wealth of private banking and family office clients. He assists the private banking advisors in detecting and resolving the tax, wealth and financial problems of their clients and prospects.

The wealth engineer accompanies the advisors to meetings in order to help them strengthen existing relations.

He helps train the advisors by leading meetings and manages the usual client contacts: lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.



Asset Supervisor

The asset supervisor monitors all of the client’s assets, using a dashboard that shows all of the elements that make up the family’s wealth. He is therefore in charge of monitoring financial performance and whether the family’s objectives are being met. Asset supervisors have both a precise and overall view of the assets, allowing them to make many helpful proposals. Working with all of the Group’s contacts, the asset supervisor ensures the validity and longevity of the solutions that have been implemented.