Corporate Social Responsibility

Finance with a human focus


Since its creation in 1935, Meeschaert Group has been managed by keeping a global corporate social responsibility approach. The teams are committed to putting innovation and performance at the service of a meaningful development.


The Group seeks to take responsibility in today’s world, particularly in the financial sector, to foster a stable and sustainable environment: with this vision in mind, Meeschaert Group is developing its offering, raising the awareness of its employees and improving interactions with its entire ecosystem.


In addition to its direct responsibility, exercised on a daily basis through its various activities, Meeschaert Group’s independence ensures a long-term commitment at several levels, for a broader and assumed social responsibility.


Over the years, this company philosophy has led to innovations in a wide range of areas, creating new financial solutions to help those in need.


This humanist approach of finance is based on three sustainable structuring commitments:

  • Developing responsible products and services
  • Limiting its environmental impact

Reinforcing social responsibility

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