Family owned and managed since its inception, Meeschaert Group has been operating in the financial markets for over 90 years, built by three generations of innovators with a strong ethical and responsible approach of investing.


Since its creation in 1935, the Group has remained faithful to its values and positioning with a family ownership structure and entrepreneurial spirit.


Meeschaert Group is a leading provider of Wealth Management, Family Office and Asset Management solutions, offering a broad range of investment solutions to individuals, families and entrepreneurs looking for performant, risk-contained investment products and expert wealth management advice :






Security and Stability


Meeschaert Group is structured to offer its clients completely objective advice and is not involved in any risky operations. We strive to guarantee the security of the assets entrusted to us.


We are a stable, family-run company and are not influenced by any form of external pressure. We do not invest securities for listed companies and are neutral with regard to mergers and acquisitions, since we do not participate in such operations. We do not act as a counterparty, nor do we take part in the underwriting of securities at the time of issue.


We do not issue any form of credit, and all orders from our clients are fully covered (the rules for market interventions go beyond those of the stock market).

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