Our company

Meeschaert Group was founded in 1935. By the end of June 2014, the Group had over 5.7 billion euros in assets under its management and control. Meeschaert has remained an independent company for the past 80 years. The Group is family run and continues to adhere to its founding values by maintaining a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Our clients include corporate executives, families, institutional investors and associations. We employ 177 people and have nine offices in France, one in New York and one in Brussels.

In 2012, we began to focus our growth on four main areas: private banking, family office, asset management and private equity.

In France, the Group owns Financière Meeschaert, a company approved by the Banque de France for the following activities:

  • receipt and transmission of orders on behalf of third parties
  • asset management for third parties
  • investment
  • account-keeping and custody.

Regarding the latter, Financière Meeschaert acts as custodian for the securities and cash entrusted to it by its clients.

The Group has been operating in the United States since 2007 through its stake in Solaris Group and Park Sutton Advisors, and through Meeschaert Capital Markets and Meeschaert Financial Services. The Group has also been operating in Belgium since 2008 through Meeschaert Family Office Belgium.




Security and Stability

Meeschaert Group is structured to offer its clients completely objective advice and is not involved in any risky operations. We strive to guarantee the security of the assets entrusted to us.

We are a stable, family-run company and are not influenced by any form of external pressure. We do not invest securities for listed companies and are neutral with regard to mergers and acquisitions, since we do not participate in such operations. We do not act as a counterparty, nor do we take part in the underwriting of securities at the time of issue.

We do not issue any form of credit, and all orders from our clients are fully covered (the rules for market interventions go beyond those of the stock market).

Plus, our company is in sound financial health. Our equity capital stands at over 15 million euros, we have no debt, and we have been turning a profit for several decades in a row.