“It is a privilege for us to work with clients and employees who dedicate their time and money to support children.” Cédric Meeschaert


Fondation Alliances becomes Fondation pour la Petite Enfance and Fondation Meeschaert pour l’Enfance



In 2008, Fondation Meeschaert pour l’Enfance replaced Fondation Alliances, which was created in 1994 by Meeschaert.

Fondation Meeschaert pour l’Enfance is legally attached to Fondation de France, since it was created under its aegis, and assists in projects led by associations. Its projects focus specifically on children ages 0 to 12 in France. The foundation seeks to:

help vulnerable children suffering from precarious situations, handicap, isolation and illness, and to preserve the family environment;

help children develop their potential and learn about the world through initiatives that focus on education, citizenship, the environment and the arts.

The foundation supports projects that are structurally capable of becoming administratively and financially autonomous once the financing ends. It is therefore particularly attentive to the relevance of the construction of the budget of a project, to the research carried out in terms of financing (partnership) and to the project managers’ understanding of the project (firm grasp of the socio-economic and socio-cultural context, at both the local and national level).