Asset Management

Financial Analyst

The financial analyst monitors market activity and the performance of companies. He studies management methods, growth strategies and the economic and social environment of companies.

To do so, the financial analyst gathers information from the financial departments and studies all of this data in order to make the best possible investment proposals to the asset managers for their respective markets.



SRI Analyst

The SRI analyst defines the scope of socially responsible investment by carrying out studies on various sectors and themes. He also leads committees on SRI management attended by our partner associations.

The SRI analyst is in charge of the voting policy and its application for the Meeschaert Asset Management funds.




Management Assistant

The management assistant monitors the accounts under mandate on a daily basis and implements the new mandates in line with the management objectives and the deadlines for compliance. He takes part in the monthly reporting and in the management policy through daily exchanges with the asset managers and analysts.

The management assistant executes orders via routing or brokers and transmits the order responses to the back office.




Fund Manager

The fund manager manages one or more equity, fixed-income or money market portfolios in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Meeschaert Asset Management investment committee. He seeks to maintain the overall balance between high-risk and low-risk securities by ensuring long-term profitability in line with the fund’s management objective.

The fund manager seeks to pinpoint the speculative movements linked to the real value of the companies in which he invests.

He may work with the family office teams to help them understand the reports drawn up by managers outside the Group.


Mandates Manager

The mandates manager is in charge of investments in mandates and the construction of model portfolios. He monitors market trends and manages portfolios by deciding which securities to invest in and to what extent. The mandates manager participates in management committees, assists the sales teams in the relations they have with clients and provides technical expertise on the various products.